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Live your Purpose Informational Call

Release Repeating Patterns and Limiting Beliefs to Start Living Your Purpose

  • 30 minutes
  • Zoom

Service Description

Your life matters and You strive to live your purpose. Some days are easier to walk that path than others. The experience of coming together at this point in time is to help you clear out energy that may be holding you back from living your purpose. We will begin our time together by sitting together in ceremony to assess how you are feeling and what you are noticing right now. This is your time to honor yourself and talk to your body. It is a time to learn about your energy so we have a beginning point. You have to allow this for yourself though. When we work together one-on-one, you will re-connect with your Divinity. There's a specialness about connecting to your Divine Soul that gives you a whole new perspective about life. Being in alignment with your Divinity gives you clarity that you haven't had before. It doesn't mean that there will be no challenges in life. It does mean that you will handle the challenges in a different way. When we work together, you will start to notice the signs and guidance from your Soul. You will feel more confident about your decision-making process. You will be more comfortable checking in with your Higher Self and Trust the information you receive. Your Soul has your back. Isn't time to reignite that connection? What are the benefits of working with me one-on-one? * Clarity * Deep Soul Level Healing of contracts, vows and unjustified karma * Healing Ancestral Karma * Experiential meetings to clear blocks and shift energy * Experience your energy and learn how to preserve it * Catapult your Intuition and feel confident about it * Learn the tools so you can identify when your energy is depleted and why * Reclaim your power and passion for yourself * Know what your body is telling you and how to shift unwanted energy * Find appreciation and Love for YOU * Develop the confidence to Trust what's in your highest good Are you ready to invest in yourself? This experience is life changing and gives you the courage to transition out of the life experiences that aren't working for you. Working together long term can be for a series of 4-90 minutes sessions, 9-90 minute sessions, or something completely different. While this experience is all about your healing, it's also part mentorship and very experiential. Schedule your complimentary Connect Call so we can come together to talk about you and what you are ready to experience in this life.

Cancelation Policy

For cancellations, please contact me at least 24 hours in advance to avoid being charged. Any cancellation within 24 hours of your scheduled appointment will be charged 50%.

Contact Details

between Taco John's & Hungry Mexican Restaurant 206 S 11th St, Livingston, MT, USA

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