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Angela Devani, Transformation Guide

Angela Devani

Step into a world of self-awareness and discovery with me.


Through private or group sessions, I help you tune into your passions and dreams, guiding you through a portal of self-awareness to achieve what may have seemed impossible.


With me by your side, find the courage to ask for what you want (from yourself, your relationship, the Universe) and pursue the life you desire.

We all have had dreams that have been put aside for a variety of reasons.


How often have you thought, "I'll do that next year" and then you never do the thing?

...You don't go to the concert

...You don't take the class

...You don't travel

...You don't follow your passion of....What? being a chef, being an artist, dancing, learning a foreign language, etc...

What's holding you back?

Let's figure that out together because

What You Want Matters!

All sessions are done over the telephone  or via Zoom Video conferencing and can be recorded  

Please contact me through my Contact Page for any personal questions or Send me an Email

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