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About Angela


Even though I now regularly work with my intuitive gifts, I didn't grow up recognizing signs from the Spirit realm or using my intuitive gifts. 


After working many years in a successful but highly stressful corporate job in the building industry, in 2009 I finally realized that there was more to life than working 60+ hours per week for an organization that might lay me off, as I had seen for many of my employees.


After quitting my corporate job, my husband and I moved to Ohio where I started an in depth study of herbs and medicinal plants with United Plant Savers and Mockingbird Meadows.  I also found out that I was pregnant.

After my daughter was born, my intuition opened in a big way!  I started learning more about connecting to my Guides and acknowledging and learning about the signs they were sending me.

As I became more in tune to my Intuition and my Guides, I knew it was time to move back to the Western US. My husband and I sold everything, bought an RV and traveled the country with our 3 year old daughter, 2 dogs and a cat.  We landed in California, where I studied Mediumship, Channeling, Angelic Reiki, Alchemical Healing, Energetic Healing, and the Akashic Records.  

Learning the Akashic Records has changed my life!  I learned so much about myself and did a lot of healing of past and present life karma (and I continue to do so).

For the last 11 years, I have been doing more of my "heart work". Using a blend of the modalities that I have learned, I Love helping others Connect to their Earth Magic and Soul Wisdom.  We are all Divine Souls having a Human Experience on Mother Earth.  When we tune into that Wisdom, Magic Happens.

I am honored to offer private sessions for Regressions (aka guided meditations, which may involve Soul Retrieval), Soul Realignment (which helps you heal past life karma), DNA Activation, and property clearings. 

It is time for All of Us to Live our Purpose!  

I am Honored and Glad to connect with you and help you Release your fears so you can be Happier and feel more Confident about living your Divine Purpose!

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