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Akashic Record Readings

The Akashic Records are an etheric record of

every decision we have ever made,

throughout all of our lifetimes.  


Soul Realignment Session

Are you feeling "Stuck", with a Capital S?Does it seem that the same pattern keeps repeating itself over and over? Many times, the reason we continually repeat the same pattern is because of a decision that was made in a past life or in our childhood of this current life.  


During this session, I will work with you to figure out what decisions are currentlyimpacting you by reading your Akashic Records. You will learn about your Divine Gifts, your Soul's Purpose, your Primary Lesson for this lifetime and some decisions that were previously made that are now creating blockages.  I then work with you to clear the negative energy patterns that are currently affecting your journey in this lifetime.  

A powerful clearing will be performed. 

One 60-90 minute recorded session  

Manifesting Blueprint Session

How do you manifest abundance?  Everyone wants to attract more abundance into their life, but did you know that you manifest more when you are in situations in which you are Divinely aligned?  During this session, I will access your Divine Soul Blueprint to find out the ways in which you manifest best.  There are 9 comparatives to discuss.

One 45-60 minute recorded session 

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Regression / Guided Meditation

During this session, we will work together to get to the root issue of what is currently troubling or blocking you. We will discuss what is going on today and what changes you want to see in your life in the next 6 months.  We will discuss what you want to get to the root cause of.  This may be one issue or several. We will work together to help you move forward in your Divinity and live your Soul's Purpose. This Healing session is very powerful and produces great results!

This session could involve:

  • A grounding meditation

  • Akashic Records work

  • Childhood healing

  • Past Life Healing

One 60-90 minute recorded session


Akashic Records Q&A Session

Do you have a list of questions that you Need answers to?  During the Akashic Records Q&A session, I will access your Akashic Records and get the information you seek.  


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If you are interested in becoming a

Soul Realignment practitioner,

please visit this website

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