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Hi Beautiful Soul!

I honor you for taking the first step to Breaking Free of limiting beliefs so that you can fully own your self-worth, create a profitable business and be an Empowered Healer!


I am so excited to get to know you better. Should we both decide to work together after this call, we will get to the root cause of why these beliefs began and how they have been affecting you.  


As you complete the form below, really dig deep and let me know what's going on in your life today.  This will help me understand why you are here, what you want to resolve and how committed you are to breaking free of the patterns and limiting beliefs that are keeping you from putting yourself out there as a healer and having a profitable business.

You are Worthy of the Best!

Let's get started!

Sending you much Peace and Love,


You will receive a text message reminder before the appointment.

Tell me about yourself....Your age, occupation, where you live, your current relationship status

What are the main limiting beliefs you recognize in your life and how are they impacting your money and sense of accomplishment ?

What has been your biggest challenge in personal and client relationships?  What would you like to be different?

What other methods have you tried to resolve the limiting beliefs you are experiencing?

If someone offered me the opportunity to join a high-value program that would resolve my repeating patterns and help me stop under earning and own my message with confidence, I would:

I work with a small handful of clients each month. If we both decide to work together, are you ready to begin now? (ie not in six months, after school gets out, after the holidays, etc) 

My clients are experiencing dramatic changes in their lives, such as a more prosperous business, better relationships, and clarity with their life purpose.  To help you get these results, my services are a significant investment in  your personal growth. Are you able to make this kind of investment in yourself?

Our Zoom meeting will begin at the time you’ve chosen. Please commit to your Wisdom Session by typing: I promise to connect to Zoom when it is time for my Wisdom Session with Angela.

Your content has been submitted

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