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Are you craving more inner strength to get to the next step in your life?
Do you long for more fulfillment, happiness and self-confidence?
Have you wondered, "Is this all there is?"


Tired of wandering and wondering?

In this 6-day experiential virtual retreat, you will be guided in

the steps to EVOLVE and Step into your Purpose so you can wake up each day with Confidence, Clarity, Connection and Love.


"Angela'a gentle and methodical way of teaching and guiding

me through the process of intuitive development has been, in

and of itself, a magical experience. Her understanding,

patience and willingness to impart her knowledge and

experiences make her invaluable as a teacher."

Callie K.

During this retreat, I will reveal how to

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* You lack confidence and are tired of questioning yourself and your decisions.
* You feel stuck and don't know what to do
to move forward.
* You pick up other people's energy and
have had it .
* You think "Life is too short. It's time for
me to be happy!"
This retreat is for you if just one of these
is going on right now:


"Angela introduced me to a new concept for getting past
difficult blocks that have haunted me for years."
Holly F.

About Angela Segraves


I will never forget the day when I was at work and my

legs started going numb, I had a headache and my

vision was blurry. I was scared!


When I worked in the corporate world, I thought that

I was living my life's purpose. I was working for a great company and was generally happy with my life.

But...I was stressed! I had adrenal fatigue, high levels of heavy metals and estrogen dominance.  All of these, coupled with a stressful job, caused neurological issues.

Fast forward 3 years, I had quit my job,

had a child and I began to EVOLVE.

After the birth of my daughter, I started studying holistic health and a variety of Energy Healing modalities.

I have cleared many blocks, healed past lives, let go of negative energies, meditated and connected with my Divine Soul (and I continue to do the work).

Now, it is time for me to Share.
My Purpose is to help You Find and Live Your Purpose.
That's what this retreat is all about....




I invite you to Join me.


What changes can you expect at the E.V.O.L.V.E. Retreat? 

*Embodiment of your Connection to Spirit

*Vocalize what you want to say in a Loving way

*Own Your Power...Enough Said!

*Liberate Yourself

*Visualize all of your Dreams and make it happen

*Evolution into the Highest form of yourself

It will be a week full of breakthroughs that will help increase your intuition, release
blocks, learn new exercises, and EVOLVE. After you register, you will receive a
confirmation and link to join the private Facebook group.

Join Me Daily Aug 30-Sept 4, 2021

9AM Mountain / 11AM Eastern

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