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Intuitive Development Series

Join Me Wednesdays 10:00 am - 12 Noon (Mountain time)

June1 - June 23, 2021


Developing your Intuitive Gifts can lead you into a whole new direction in your life!


What is an Intuitive Gift?

Some would say that that it's your "clairs"..clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance and the other clairs.  In fact, it goes much deeper than that.


Intuition is about "Trusting your Gut"

It's about Being a Witness to the Signs from the Spirit Realm

It's about Connecting to your Divine Soul

Receiving Messages in the forms of signs, symbols and synchronicities

And So Much More!


During this 4 week series, we will dive into connecting you to your own Energy and developing your gifts so you can bring forth healing and messages for yourself and others.


Upon completing this series, my goal is for you: 

  • To feel more confident about the messages you are receiving from the Spirit Realm

  • Own your Power and Stand in your Truth about your gifts

  • Trust yourself

  • Speak up


Here are the details:

  • We will have a private Facebook group to interact with each other, answer questions and share experiences

  • We will meet in person for 4 weeks (Wednesday, June 2-June 23, 10:00am-12noon, Mountain time) to discuss a new aspect to Developing your Gifts.  Each class will last approximately 2 hours.

  • You will have the option of being assigned an Accountability Partner so you can practice your skills.

  • Guided meditations to help you connect to your gifts.

  • Journaling prompts to help you release blockages and heal your shadow side.


Week 1:  

Connecting to your Own Energy

  • How to tell the difference between your energy and the energy of other people or objects (plants, furniture, etc).  

  • You will learn what your energy feels like so you can easily be able to discern when you are picking up the energy of other people.

  • This is vital for those who are empaths so you can recognize that you no longer need to hold onto the energy or pick up the energy of other people.

  • How to "protect" yourself, or deflect the other energies that you may be picking up.

Connecting to your Soul and knowing what that energy feels like

  • Your Soul is your Divine Guide who has all of the answers you seek.

  • Your Soul receives information from all of the other Divine Guides (Angels, Ascended Masters, etc) who have information for you. When you connect to your Divine Soul, you can trust the information coming through.

  • In this class, you will connect to that energy, learn what it feels like and learn how to communicate with it.

Watching for the signs from Spirit and acknowledging those signs

  • Whether it involves seeing animals, hearing a song on the radio or noticing a rainbow, the Spirit Realm is constantly sending you signs

  • In this class, we will talk about the signs from Spirit.  

    • What are they

    • What do they mean

    • How can you Trust that the sign is really a sign

  • Additionally, you will learn what "Yes" and "No" feel like in your body.  You will be tuning in to your body so you can start Trusting the answers it gives you (another type of sign)

Week 2:

Clairvoyance (Clear Seeing)

  • Clairvoyance isn't just about having Visions.  It goes much deeper and is also related to dreams, seeing shadows or "Seeing" anything related to a question you may have for the Spirit Realm

  • In this class, we will remove the blockages that keep you from "Seeing" and talk about the variety of ways clairvoyance already exists in your daily life.

  • Pineal Gland  de-calcification and activation

Clairaudience (Clear Hearing)

  • Clairaudience is about more than hearing voices.  It also includes hearing a song or the call of an animal.  It is about all aspects of hearing.

  • In this class, we will remove the blockages that keep you from "Hearing" and wake up your clairaudience so you trust the things you hear, say and listen to.


Week 3:
Clairsentience (Clair Feeling)

  • You've heard about Trusting your Gut, but activating your Clairsentience goes much deeper than that.

    • It's that feeling that you should turn Right instead of Left

    • It's feeling the pain of another person

    • It's the feeling of certainty when you trust the Yes and No answers your body gives you.

  • In this class, we will remove the blockages that keep you from "Feeling", so you will be more open to receiving information and noticing how your body feels

Claircognizance (Clear Knowing)

  • Do you know what someone else is thinking?

  • Do you instinctively know the answer to someone's question before they ask it?

  • In this class, we will remove the blockages that keep you from "Knowing", allowing ou the ability to tune into your knowing and trusting abilities.

Week 4:

  • Q & A

  • Integration

  • Discuss Other Clairs

  • Discuss Akashic Records, DNA Activation, Reiki, Mediumship, Channeling

  • In this class, we will talk about the variety of ways you can continue to develop your intuition.  

  • The goal of this class is to provide you with more information so you feel more confident about knowing what the next step in your Spiritual Development.


Throughout the series, you will have the opportunity to practice with others in the group so you can all feel more confident with your intuition.  Additionally, you will receive journaling prompts to help you clear more blockages and integrate with your shadows.


The cost for the Series is $555

Payment plans are available.  

You may use the PayPal "Pay Later" option

or contact Angela

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