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Helllllooo Powerhouse!

Yes...I am talking to you!

Thank you for attending the Powerhouse Live Event! I am so honored that you are visiting my website and are interested in my offering!


During the some of the hard times in my life, I found it necessary to reflect on each day to stay more present. This practice was instrumental in helping me stay focused....and stay sane.


Sometimes, it is so easy to get forget your desires. I created this pdf to remind myself that What I (You) Want Matters.


I love the daily practice of acknowledging my Accomplishments and Gratitudes every day and reflecting on the challenges I had to enable me to recognize the root of those challenges.

I love waking up each morning and finding gratitude for the day and spend time with my energy as I start the day.

I hope this document is as helpful for you as it has been for me. I would love to hear your feedback!  Feel free to send me a message at

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