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Send the gift of Self-Care to yourself, a friend or loved one.


The Self-Care Box is filled with loving gifts that will bring joy and love to whomever receives the box.


Inside each box is a variety of herbal and self-care products that have been handmade or personally curated by Angela.


The box will contain 5-7 products and some of the following items.

The number of products will depend on the products included.


- Handcrafted soap

- Lip balm

- Salve

- Herbal honey

- Herbal Tea and / or cocoa

- Tincture

- Flower essence

- Bath salts

- ??? surprise goodies ???


All items will not be included in every box and you could receive multiple items of the same product in different flavors. (I want you to be surprised).



If explanation is necessary, you will receive an information sheet explaining what you received and, if applicable, how to use it.


Angela will be available for questions, should you have any concerns.



If you have allergies to any plant / herb or body care product, please let Angela know as soon as possible so she can tailor your package to your needs.


All orders over $99 receive free shipping

Self Care Box

  • Refunds and Returns will not be accepted.

    If you are unhappy with a product in your box, please notify Angela so she can contact you.

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