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Reiki Sessions

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Angelic Reiki Session

During this session, I will connect with you energetically, calling on your Healing Angels. Angelic Reiki can help bring Balance and  Healing to your body and your chakras.  Angels are all around us and they want to help us.  Allow your personal Healing Angels to help you with all of your Earthly issues and concerns. We will have the reiki session, then discuss any messages after the session is complete on a recorded phone call.   

One 45 minute session with

15 minute consultation  or

Five 45 minute sessions for a discount

Chakra System Balance

Our chakras represent the Energy Centers in our physical and etheric bodies.  They are affected by choices we make either physically, mentally or emotionally.  Our decisions can create imalances of underactivity or overactivity in the chakras, which impact our daily lives. During this session, I will determine the level of activity of each chakra and perform a powerful clearning.  

One 30-60 minute recorded session

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Alchemical Healing Session:

This session is similar to a Reiki session, but is led by you on the telephone.  During the session, I communicate with Egyptian Deities, your Spirit Guides, Angels, Totem Animals, Plant Guides and the Elements to assist in healing.  We discuss any issues that are currently affecting you and work together to release that energy.


One 45 minute session with

15 minute consultation

Angelic Reiki Teaching

As a Certified Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, I am able to teach you how to be an Angelic Reiki Practitioner.  If you are interested in learning the Angelic Reiki modality, please send me information on the Contact page.  

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