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Angela introduced me to a new concept for getting past difficult blocks that have haunted me for years. When she gave me my soul reading, I was shocked at how accurate it was.  I resonated with the information completely and it gave me insight to many of my intuitive feelings.  This was so exciting to me and I enrolled into the program. This reading with Angela was a Divine gift that I will treasure for ever!  

Holly F

"Through some Divine intervention I found Angela in a Facebook group and felt pulled to email her.  We agreed on an Alchemical healing for my situation.  I  had no idea what to expect as I have never done Reiki before even though I have been looking at taking some Reiki classes myself.   Angela spoke with me beforehand and told me what to expect and made me feel very comfortable.  When she started connecting I could feel the energy around me and every phase I knew where she was working because I could feel it before she said it.  Spirit animals came in and worked on some problem areas I had.  One of these problems was my right foot which has not had feeling in it for over a year.  When I woke up this morning the foot felt almost normal!!  


After the session Angela was kind enough to email me a recording of the session so I can re-listen and remember some of the things I may have missed as well as links to some sites that will be beneficial to me.   I will certainly be working with Angela in the future!" 

Cheri M.

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