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Sacred Heart Wisdom Retreat

July 28-31, 2022

Join Angela & Tamara for a journey to connect to your sacred heart wisdom

What is your Sacred Heart Wisdom?


You are Sacred and Divine.

Bring back those pieces of You through Ceremony and Ritual.

Re-connect to your Divinity.


 Learn new tools to stay connected to the Wisdom of your Heart.


Bathe in the forest.

Connect to the Earth.


Remember Your

Sacred Heart Wisdom.

Enjoying Nature

Who Are You?  

Have you been so consumed with being a mom, a wife, an employee, a business owner and taking on other responsibilities that you've lost touch with yourself?

Are you Ready to live your authentic life?


At the Sacred Heart Wisdom Retreat you will have the ability

to open yourself to be enveloped by nature and 

surrounded in a supportive, nurturing circle of women.




Who Are You and Where Have You Been? 

  • You've been missing her (yourself) for a long time. 

  • She's been helping others fulfill their dreams.

  • She has been holding space for friends and family members.

  • She has been making sure everyone else is happy, healthy and nourished.

  • She is lonely.

  • She has forgotten what it feels like to feel unconditional love.

  • She misses herself.

  • She is ready to reconnect.



During the Retreat you will be able to:


  • Re-connect to what you've forgotten about yourself

  • Form a partnership with  your Soul


  • ​Awaken 

Please read the Retreat FAQ page for more info about the retreat.


Nestled amongst the mountains around Tom Miner Basin,

in Emigrant, Montana is the B Bar Ranch, where you will discover a landscape shaped by glaciers and volcanoes.

It's a place where the mountains are still growing and the rivers cut through a geography whose names trace its

history and its people. You will have the opportunity to

explore the heart of Yellowstone country.

Absorb its beauty and tranquility.

Reflect, listen, meditate. Observe its rich, diverse wild inhabitants. Photograph, hike, rest.

Participate in ceremonies.

Learn new rituals. Re-connect to YOU

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What can I expect at the Retreat?

Morning movement where you will have the opportunity to gently start your day connecting to the Earth and your Heart. Movement may include yoga, dance

and other activities and may be different each day.

Three full farm-to-table meals made with the freshest local ingredients (many coming from B Bar's Land), snacks, tea, coffee, water. You will not lack for food.

2-3 Deep Dive sessions per day, which may include Meditation, Shamanic Journeying, Soul Connection and Healing, Journaling, Ceremony and Ritual.

You will not only do deep Soul work, you will also have fun, leave with a

full heart, ignited desires, a new direction, and a Sisterhood to support you. 

During this retreat, you will shed the layers of guilt, shame and fear that have been holding you back so that you see that you are a Divine Being worthy of your Heart's desires. You will walk away with a deeper connection to your Sacred Heart Wisdom

and your Soul's Purpose. You will return home with a renewed sense of Who You Are

and move forward in a more centered way, from the Wisdom of Your Sacred Heart.

This retreat is an investment in YOU.

It's an investment in your Future.

It's an upleveling of your Purpose.

Your Guides


Angela Segraves is a transformational Soul Guide who helps women going through transitions in life recognize their value, stand in their power, speak their truth and Live their Purpose.


She is a passionate intuitive who wants all women to experience the Goddess within as they go through the trials experienced in this life.


Known for her work in the Akashic Records, DNA Activation and Past Life Regressions, she guides you to release and heal limitations that are keeping you stuck in undesirable situations so you can unapologetically Live Your Purpose. 

She hosts the "Heal the Past" podcast where she talks about a variety of issues that you may noticed in your life where you are stuck, unfulfilled or frustrated and she guides you through exercises to move forward.

Angela's unconditional love and compassion help you acknowledge your worth, trust your vulnerability and re-connect to the Wisdom that is within you that you have forgotten about.

Learn more about Angela on her website


Tamara has been practicing bodywork modalities for over 25 years.  Her passion for teaching has given many students a language/voice to these subtle dimensions.

Tamara’s work guides clients into exploring their own multi-dimensional awareness 

to find a deep connection to the truth of who they are using a variety of tools, including

massage, Shamanic journey, soul dialogue, 

hypnotherapy, chakra connection and vibrational medicine.


Tamara believes:

  • We are all healers, who know exactly what we need to heal ourselves.

  • You only need to remember to expand from the constraints of  Ego-ic thinking.

  • You can RE-Connect to your soul essence & Remember who you are & why you are here. 

She loves to explore with individuals, where they are meeting resistance within 

themselves to dissolve & release trauma and stories that are no longer serving them 

& re-connecting to their original DNA.   

Visit Tamara's website to learn more about her

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All-inclusive Retreat Package

  • Deposit $400

  • Early Bird Pricing $1595 until April 15, 2022

  • Middle Bird Pricing $1795 April 15-May 15, 2022

  • After May 15, 2022, the price is $1995

Payment plans are available.
Email us for more info

Is your Sacred Heart calling you to join us?

How to Apply

  • First...Read the Retreat FAQ page, then ask your Heart and Soul if this is the right experience for you at this time in your life.

  • Second...Send us an email telling us why you want to attend this retreat. Spend some time reflecting on what you need, what your heart needs and why this is important for you. Write from your Heart and email us. We will be in touch with you about the next steps.

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